Zurich Jazz Talks #21

On October 26th we will be on stage at Moods with Cinzia Catania. We took this as an opportunity to chat with her about her relationship with big band in general and with technique in jazz. We talk to her about her versatility in music, what it represents and what the common denominator is.

Cinzia Catania studied with Ed Partyka in Lucerne. Five years have already passed since she graduated. Working with him and the Zurich Jazz Orchestra is not something she takes lightly. In our conversation, Cinzia tells us which tips and tricks Ed gave her during her studies she uses for this collaboration.

Cinzia Catania is a renowned singer, composer and arranger who travels all over Europe. She enjoys being active across genres and takes every opportunity to be on stage with her singing. But composing for her own band is also incredibly important to Cinzia. Thus, due to her various interests, she is on the road with different projects and at home in many styles. The common denominator always remains her crystal clear yet warm voice.