Based on the need for the Zurich Jazz Orchestra to have its own rehearsal location, the “Jazzhaus” (Jazz house) project was developed together with Dr. Stephan à Porta Foundation.

Heinrichstrasse 69, 8005 Zürich
The half of the house from 1893, which was formerly used by craft businesses, is being converted into a music rehearsal house. The “Jazzhaus” on Heinrichstrasse is not intended to become another concert location, as there are already enough first-class venues in Zurich. But rehearsal and work rooms for larger ensembles are a rare commodity in the city. The “Jazzhaus” presents itself as a production and work site for the Zurich Jazz Orchestra, but at the same time as a platform and work space with recording opportunities for other musicians, ensembles, bands and productions.

The rehearsal house is accessible via the space between the neighboring courtyard building of the “sogar theater”. One entrance leads directly into the two-story rehearsal room. In contrast to performing on exposed stages, rehearsals together will take place in a depression in the terrain. A new internal staircase with a separate entrance leads to the upper floor. Two smaller rehearsal rooms will be arranged there, which are located above the ZJO office with extensive music storage.