With Bettina Uhlmann.

There are plenty of first-class venues in Zurich, but rehearsal and work spaces for larger music formations are rare. Based on this need for a dedicated rehearsal venue for the Zurich Jazz Orchestra, the idea of the Jazzhaus was developed together with the Dr. Stephan à Porta Foundation: A production and performance venue for the ZJO, but also a platform, hub and workspace for other ensembles and musicians at Heinrichstrasse 69 in Zurich’s Kreis 5 district. It says “jazz” on it and it should also contain “jazz” – but not exclusively. Of course, the “Jazzhaus” can be used and rented by ensembles, bands and productions across all genres.

Converting a cramped house from 1893 in an inner courtyard in the middle of Kreis 5 into a music venue for a jazz orchestra is no easy task. There has to be room for at least 22 people to rehearse, then the acoustics have to be designed in such a way that the music-making together works acoustically at all, while the outside world – the neighborhood – doesn’t notice a thing. And so the future “Jazzhaus” was not “just” refurbished or renovated, but completely hollowed out to create space for a two-storey rehearsal room, two smaller rehearsal rooms and an office, and at the same time designed in such a way that optimum room acoustics and sound insulation can be guaranteed.

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