Zurich Jazz Talks #18

16 years have passed since her first and last performance with the Zurich Jazz Orchestra. On the occasion of this year’s concert, we spoke to Efrat Alony about her experience at the time compared to today – and about much more: what profession she almost took, her studies and how the circle is closing with her new album “Händel – Fast Forward”. . She also tells us about the importance of music as a bridge between different people, her composition process, her long-standing collaboration with Ed Partyka, her values as a singing teacher and the music business with all its hurdles.

The music of the singer, lyricist, composer and bandleader Efrat Alony is as complex as her biography, which has taken her through a wide variety of countries. Efrat Alony sees music as a bridge between people who believe they cannot get along. But anyone who gets to see the musician on stage today would hardly believe that she almost went on to become a psychologist. At the time, Efrat Alony was afraid that music was only based on emotions and that she would miss the intellectual aspect of her job. Nevertheless, she gave her music studies a chance – already in the first week of the semester it was clear: “There’s nothing else and there’s going to be nothing else”. Today she knows that music combines both aspects, emotions and intellect.